Thursday, January 3, 2013

Hand-stitched Felt Baby Shoes

One of my closest friends recently announced that she is expecting a baby this summer. She's the first of my friends who live locally to be pregnant, and I am so very excited and happy for her! Since I found out, it feels like I am seeing baby-related crafts everywhere on Pinterest and on other blogs I follow, and finally I couldn't resist trying my hand at making something for this newest little one. 

Then I found these wonderful, hand-stitched felt shoes on the Purl Bee (find the tutorial and free pattern here,  on the Purl Bee Blog). They are sweet, simple, and stitch up quickly - and they'd be easy to modify in dozens of different ways: add additional embroidery, add a felt applique, lace them up with faux mini-shoelaces. 

If you're a parent, what gifts were the most helpful to you when your children were young? 


  1. Those are super cute. Definitely would look sweet with a little flower applique or something! I have a pair of little brown corduroy shoes that were handmade that my son wears. Super soft and comfortable. Can't beat handmade....with love! ;)

    1. Thanks, Becca :) And I love the idea of these in corduroy - that sounds so cute!


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