Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Wrap A Gift With A Paintchip Garland

I have had a rainbow of paint chips lying around the house for a few weeks now, ever since I made a triangle paint chip garland to hang in my bedroom. And today when I was wrapping a gift for a friend, they totally came in handy.

I almost always wrap gifts in plain brown craft paper, then find quirky ways to add interest to the wrapping. Looking at all the paint chips I had, I decided to get out my circle punch, a needle, and some thread to craft a garland to wrap around the gift.

If you want to try this, all I did was punch several circles of varying colors out of the paint chips. If you don't have a circle punch, trace a glass or bottle that's about the size you want, and cut them out by hand.

Then, grab your needle and thread, and push the needle down through the front of the paint chip and up again on the other side. There's no need to tie a knot after your first circle... the paper is so thick that they will stay put pretty well.

Once your garland is as long as you'd like, tie a knot on the last paint chip circle and wrap it around your gift!

I also tried this with a triangle garland, and I loved the look of that, too....

I love that this project is totally free - use a grocery bag turned inside out if you don't have any craft paper lying around - the paper I used came from some leftover packaging. And I think this could also look great zig-zagging across your front door, wrapped around your Christmas tree, or in so many other places... where would you put yours?

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